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Laurie Anne Faulkner

Laurie Anne Faulkner

Victoria, Mortgage Broker

Canada's Mortgage Experts

Tel: 250-588-2288
Cell: 250-588-2288
Fax: 250-984-0800

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How Can I Help You?

Home Purchases

Review your mortgage options before you buy your next home, vacation or investment property.

First Time Home Buyers

There are many things to think about when buying your first home. Professional mortgage advice is a great place to start.

Mortgage Renewals

At renewal, you can renegotiate everything pertaining to your mortgage - with no penalties. It's also a great time to save money!

Mortgage Refinancing

Get out of a high rate mortgage, or unlock some of your home equity for debt consolidation or other important need.


I have access to lenders that specialize in self-employed mortgages, and can anticipate the challenges you might face.

Improve Your Credit

I can help you find a mortgage lender that fits your budget, or start improving your credit now for the best mortgage rate later.

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Invis. We are Canada's Mortgage Experts

Invis. We are Canada's Mortgage Experts

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Mortgage Kit - #1 - Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

Mortgage Kit - #1 - Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

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Mortgage Kit - #2 - How much downpayment do you need?

Mortgage Kit - #2 - How much downpayment do you need?

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Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

"Laurie-Anne was a god send for us, as we had no knowledge of the mortgage process. She patiently walked us through the steps, obtained excellent offers from several banks, and then efficiently got us through the paperwork. Beyond the mortgage, Laurie -Anne also has a wealth of contacts for those other services needed when taking on a property. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a broker."

"Laurie Anne got results for our enterprising non-profit when other banks and credit unions were unwilling to come to the table to finance our amazing community revitalization project. Happy to say, 10 years on, the Cornerstone building is a success and the Fernwood renaissance is well underway. Thank you! Roberta Martell March 3,2014"

"Laurie Anne, is an outstanding resource when making the significant decision to invest in real estate. My family and I have had the opportunity to utilize Laurie Anne's expertise to purchase three homes both in Canada and while living overseas. Laurie Anne, posses an amazing ability to provide incredible service support with tremendous time efficiency. There is no question...more Iain Brambell High Performance Advisor at Own The Podium March 6, 2014"

"Fay Melling President, Senior Business Analyst, Project Manager at Arcana Consulting Inc I consulted with Laurie-Anne for my two most recent mortgages and I have been thrilled with her work in helping me find the right ones for me. She is very knowledgeable, speaks of financing options in plain English and makes them very easy to understand. It's been a real pleasure working with Laurie-Anne. February 27, 2014,"

"With her industry experience, Laurie Anne covers all of the details, providing expert advice. She is creative in her approach and thorough in all aspects of the process. Highly recommend her! January 26, 2014,"

"Laurie Anne is a hardworking and detail oriented mortgage broker who has been very reliable each time I've worked with her. Kyle Hunker CFO at Pacific Light and Power January 22, 2014, K"

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